1995 Interactive Demo for the NetCheque System

This page shows the pages from a 1995 demonstration of the The NetCheque® electronic payment system.

Note that Pay Per View on our server has been decommissioned and is no longer running on our server. You will no longer be able to open an account or complete a transaction.

Interactive Demo of NetCheque

The NetCheque® electronic payment system was developed at ISI. Normally it would be necessary to run the NetCheque software and a pay-per-view client on your computer, but through this special offer you can try out NetCheque and pay-per-view with no obligation, and without even installing our software. Through this demonstration you can apply for your own NetCheque account and write cheques against that account, or you can write cheques against the generic demo account.

[Apply for Account]

You will have to wait for your account to be approved. To purchase products before your account is approved, or without applying for an account, use the account name "NetCheque_Demo". The information for the demo account appears on your payment form. Use the password "demo" to sign cheques written against this account. Products that may be purchased using NetCheque can be found by clicking on the products button.

[Products for Sale]

To write and deposit electronic checks, and view statements on account activity electronically use the GUI accessible through the functions button.

[NetCheque Functions]

The interactive demo relies on the PPV program. NetCheque provides the foundation on which protocols such as PPV can be built. PPV merchants can make documents available on the World Wide Web (WWW) for a cost. These documents are then paid for using checks written from NetCheque accounts.

You must obtain a NetCheque account before you are able to use the PPV merchant software.